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Hello, my name is David King and I'd like to share my art with you.  Like most children I'd pick up most anything that made a mark and make that mark on most anything but I wasn't really obsessed with it.  My thing was construction toys, anything from Lincoln Logs to Erector sets to plastic model car kits but I did dabble with art along the way taking arts and crafts classes in grade school. 

As an a adult I continued to dabble but didn't take it seriously until shortly after I turned 40 and then I couldn't get enough of it, I became obsessed.  My focus up until recently has been traditional media, from graphite to pastel to oils and mostly acrylic, you can read more about that if you like at my other blog David King Studio.

This blog however is about my photography and photo based art which I've only really got into the last couple years.  I've found digital based art can be as fun and rewarding as traditional media but perhaps in a different way and it also opens up other techniques and styles just not practical or possible with traditional media.  Digital doesn't replace my traditional art, I'm happy to work with both side by side, in fact they often complement each other.

You'll find my subjects range from classic cars, to hot rods, to rusty old trucks and tractors as well as rural and natural landscapes, all the things I love.  I grew up around cars thanks to my Father and having lived in northern Utah most of my life I've grown attached to the beautiful and varied landscape that can be found here.  

So, sit back and enjoy some light reading and eye candy and come back often as new content will be added regularly.

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